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  • Foot bath
  • Cutting, filing, as well as cleaning the nails.
  • Pruning of calluses and removal of any corns or heel cracks.
  • Light foot massage with a delicious cream
  • Nail / Cuticle oil

Treatment time approx. 45 min.

Price: 495 kr.

  • Classic foot treatment, which ends with a foot massage of about 15 minutes.

Treatment time: approx. 60 min.

Price: 635 kr.

An extended / complicated treatment is relevant if are very tough calluses, many corns or many thickened or deformed nails.

It contains:

  • Foot bath
  • Cutting, filing, as well as cleaning of nails
  • Pruning of calluses and removal of any corns or heel cracks to a greater extent
  • Finishes with a light foot massage with a good cream
  • Nail / Cuticle oil

The treatment will take approx. 60 min.

Price: 565 kr.

A partial treatment is relevant for you who already receive podiatry regularly and just wants treatment of individual problem areas.

It contains:

  • Cropping of corns or treatment/clipping of ingrown nail
  • Heel cracks, pruning of calluses

The treatment will take approx. 30 min.

Price from 395 kr. 

  • treatment of a corns, heel cracks

Treatment time: approx. 15 min.

Price from 320 kr.

Removal of nailpolish

Price: 50 kr.


Removal of shellac / gel

Price: 150 kr.

In the clinic you can get guidance on how to care for your feet and do foot exercises. In addition, you can get guidance on what kind of sandals and boots are suitable for your foot, and can help prevent malpositions.

Foot Examination / Analysis

Price 295 kr.

  • Allpresan Foot Foam Cream
  • Akileine, Hydra-Defense 24 hours
  • Nail oil

All kinds of relief (a.o. silicone) for the feet.

It can be either custom-made foot inserts by functional imprint or factory-made standard foot inserts.

Ingrown nails are straightened with a small thread that is shaped according to the shape of the nail. Slowly and painlessly straightens the nail.

At the same time as the braces treatment, we will find the cause ( most often wrong footwear and / or wrong nail clipping ) and you will get guidance on what you can do yourself to avoid more ingrown nails.

Sygeforsikringen Danmark offers grants to ortonyx in Groups 1 and 2.

  • Private homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Multi-generational centres

Home treatment all days by appointment

Cancellation must be done as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours before the start of treatment. For late cancellation or no-show, a fee of DKK 350 is charged.


Please note:

There can be no cancellation via mail.

Remember that you can not respond to sms reminders.

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Sibeliusgade 3B

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